The IMTEC Foundation

“IMTEC – International Movement Towards Educational Change”.

The IMTEC Foundation offers to be your partner in innovating, changing and developing. IMTEC aim to contribute to national development and to international school development through the establishment and participation in networks between organizations, projects and individuals, and to contribute to school development.

The key word for IMTEC’s work is development, which we approach in various ways:

  • •    We offer in-house training to institutions and organizations that want to create a more active development strategy.
  • •    We provide professional assistance in organizational development and change projects.
  • •    We conduct evaluation studies of development projects and in organizations that are involved in change processes.
  • •    We assist in the process of establishing networks between organizations and individuals who wish to be a part of a professional development orientated community.
  • •    We offer programs for leadership training.

IMTEC’s clients are mainly within the public sector; particularly within the educational sector. 

We offer to be your partner on any level; 

•    system level (municipality, local government, local authority, the school owner), 
•    organizational level
•    executive level 

Our approach is process oriented, aimed at strengthening the internal capacity for change in the organizations and individuals with whom we cooperate. We offer professional assistance through supervision, coaching, counselling, training, evaluations and studies. We wish to make a contribution to the development of professional knowledge and proficiency in our field of expertise through publications, networks and conferences. IMTEC cooperate with several internationally renowned school researchers.



ARC is a global movement of nations and systems committed to advancing broad excellence, equity, inclusion, wellbeing, democracy and human rights for all students in high quality, professionally run systems.


– international Congress for School Effectiviness and Improvment
Our history

Our history

The end of the 1960’es was characterized by student demonstrations and criticism against the school system. Books were written about ”de-schooling” (Illich & Christie), and the interest for what happens when schools face renewal challenges was awakened.